The Siren

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7 Ways the Human Race could fuck up the Future

by Chris Godber (

A tongue in cheek exploration of extreme dystopias based around gender politics and sexuality

Male only violent society 

Violent competition and strength championed above all other values

Ignorance is Strength by Mat Tudor

Ignorance is Strength by Mat Tudor

Man’s worst instincts kick in after ‘some war’ started by ‘some guy’, and we decide to wipe out woman as they are considered weaker and more inefficient at that killing each other bit which we are so fond of.

Men reproduce though the system of tribal competitions broadcast in ‘The Arena’ a VR fighting game – weak specimens are disposed of naturally in the Arena though the acts of competitive violent behaviour – while the strongest get to mix their genes in the lab with ‘The King’.

This leads to breeding in weakness, as the physically intellectual elite who created the gene systems are all killed in the Arena – so you have a self defeating extremist paradigm.

Oh and we die when the sun dies, cos the males are too busy honing their muscles to think of anything constructive vis a ve escaping the Sun Death and the aforementioned killing of the intellectuals which has left all men as preening, body obsessed metrosexual Spartan warriors.

Sounds fun doesn’t it?

New Dark Ages / Religion gone wrong 

Inquisitions / Denial of sex instinct cult 

Dark Priest By Chris Godber

Dark Priest
By Chris Godber

The sex instinct is denied by the ruling class and any variance from the prevailing class is met with the inquisition.

The priesthoods of various religious creeds – Christ, Mohammed etc become the only male figures that the priesthood or nunnery can aspire to – a non-physical relationship.

We devolve into mindless, sexless beings, completely devoid of independent thought until the sun dies and we all burn screaming in it’s flames.

Not the best one eh? But at least we’ll all be in Heaven™

Female only technocratic society

Extreme Feminist Dystopia 

Puppet Chick By Jessica Ballantyne

Puppet Chick
By Jessica Ballantyne

The Male creature and sex instinct has been wiped from the face of the planet and all females procreate via a historic genetic sperm database of notable figures in history hooked into the planet itself, female genetic engineers manipulating genes in the lab to force the sex to be female.

This works for a few hundred years, until inbreeding inherent in using the same genes again and again creates weakness in the genetic chain, and the world becomes a genetic wasteland and literal wasteland, then the sun dies, and anyone that remains is burnt in the flames.

Go the Sisterhood!

Posthuman Clone Society

Weird cyborg Clones reign supreme?

dark faceA Transhumanist borg society where reproductions occurs via cloning.
Because the society is over reliant on technology to achieve reproduction it runs the risk of invariably dying out within a short amount of time when a natural disaster occurs that breaks the overeliance on said technology.

Could be successful if they can adapt their bodies to deal with extreme environments like space and extreme weather systems however, so there might be some faint hope that they can escape the sun death.

Which would be a start.

Free-market Pervert Capitalism Sex Societies

Sex becomes the only commodity 

Sex and porn are used instead of monetary systems as exchange titiscurrency. Wall Street is renamed ‘Fucking against the Wall Street’ – and they only deal with the orgy’s at the top elite of society, and complicated Gang Bangs.

Goods are only created and exchanged to increase sensory pleasure, and everyone lives in communal sex hives.

Sex is exchanged via the internet to pay for everything, so if you walk in the newsagents and you want those eggs, you have drop your trousers or skirt and have a webcam wank!

We don’t escape the death of the sun, because we are too busy wanking off and having sex to notice or care, until we die screaming of course in burning heat.

On the plus side we get lots of pussy, penis, arse or whatever orifice is your orifice of choice though, but we’ll also all be dead. Swings and roundabouts right? Or is that Swingers and roundabouts? Am I right?

Why aren’t you laughing?

Androgynous mainframe

We Upload ourselves into machines and become information

We crack that whole mind / body interfacing with machines problem DYSTOPIAand upload ourselves into a a hyper-dimensional machine mainframe as androgynous beings of pure information.

We then proceed to possess people and influence others worlds in the multi-verse, a bit like the Timelords in Doctor Who. We can shift bodies and forms through technology, gender is irrelevant – as we are all are hedonistic Borgs of the post-millennial.

Again this scneraio is over reliant on technology as a basis but at least we might escape the flames of the sun


Genetically engineered Seahorse society

We become intersex Space Seahorse people!

seagWe become hermaphrodites through genetic engineering and reproduce asexually. This could work for a while and does get rid of the need for binary genders, which would settle that whole men are from Mars women are from Venus thing that people always bang on about.

This version would probably evolve / devolve down any of the aforementioned routes eventually, but it’s good to have open options at the least.
Assuming technology allows it we could make it that we can swim in space , becoming genetically engineered transsexual beings, and potentially escape the flames of a dying sun.

Then we’ll go to another planet or something and repeat cycle ad infinitum until the Big Bang™ 2.0, so yeah, could work.



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